Missy Neilsen


When I am not behind the lens, I am a wife and loving mother of two beautiful girls. I love to travel, I enjoy hiking in the beaurtiful Utah mountains, I indulge in BRAVO's reality tv shows and I enjoy being in the kitchen baking with my daughters.

I met my husband on a blind date and we have been by each others side ever since we met back in 2002.

I have always had a passion for photography and I live for capturing authentic moments in time between couples.

What sets my photography apart from others is that I am a fine art photographer and my aim is to capture stunning portraiture that can be proudly displayed on your wall or printed in your wedding album. I strive to make my photos timeless, artistic and genuine. I love working with couples who are affectionate, easy going and down for a good laugh. My goal is to capture your special day beautifully and authentically, in hopes that your photos become heirlooms for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Kelli Packer


I’m a Wife, I’m a Mother, (My favorite profession) I’m a Nurse, I’m a Photographer. Being a mother is why I started taking pictures. I wanted to capture my Children as they were growing up, as they grew, so did my photography. I found myself turning my love of photography into helping others capture their memories in a forever photograph. Being a Nurse I’m trained to pay attention to details. This has seeped into my photography life as well. I watch for the details as I shoot and edit, which I believe helps my end product.I create fine art products that will be timeless pieces of art to display in your house as you begin your journey as a new Family. As A photographer I have learned to look for the ‘Light” What sets me apart from other photographers is I know how to find the light and use it to my advantage, no matter what time of day, or venue. I love backlit images, and will look for the light anywhere!

I love to workout, anything from hiking, running, weightlifting, and try to fit one of these things in every day. I’m a bookworm, I read anything, but my favorite genre is historical fiction and nonfiction. Love browsing book stores. I love to travel, just like reading, travel opens horizons and understating of cultures. I’m a busy body, and am on the go most of the time. I’m a people person. I love the outdoors, sunlight, and warmth. A perfect afternoon for me would be sitting on a hot beach, listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean, while reading a good book, surrounded by family.

I enjoy Photographing weddings because everyone is happy. You just have to enjoy your day, and I will capture those moments that you will treasure for a lifetime. I can’t wait to work with and capture your day for you.

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MK Weddings is the premier wedding photography business in Utah. Missy Neilsen and Kelli Packer are amazingly talented photographers with over 20 years of photography expirience they are trusted by thier clients to capture all those perfect moments on that perfect day.